Carbohydrate super compensates to increase opportunities for higher glycogen reserves – “supra formalin” level. In the second half of the SSK, we strive for the opposite first period – maximum consume carbohydrate foods with a low proportion of protein and fat. Training activities are greatly restricted. It is the principle of “mushrooms”.

The more you squeeze, the more it can absorb. It is not enough to use just before the race second 31 Day Fat Loss Cure “advocacy” phase nutritional preparation.

Much more effective is to first deplete glycogen and after that to add it, literally overflow. Saccharine super kop penance it is necessary to first try the normal training process and to gain experience, it can be used before important races. Fat Loss Diet Faulty super compensate contrary, can cause degradation in performance.

Carbohydrates super compensate is very beneficial to the races with a long length of track, in the case of runs – half marathons, marathons. It has no sense to use it before the 10 or 5 km races, in which no major depletion of muscle glycogen.

Millet certainly deserves more attention than they usually devote them. Vic Magary It is easy to prepare and can be used in many ways. You can edit them in salty and sweet – millet porridge, risotto, casseroles, spreads, pancakes, karee natty, and soups.

Each gram of micro sugar, which can be increased to the normal state, extends the ability of muscles to work at high intensities and reduces fat loss super compensate principle lies in the fact that after the initial, highly significant depletion of weight reserves through diet poor in carbohydrates and large amounts of training